ORATORY AT LONDON Speakers' Corner

Victor Zammit AND OTHER SPEAKERS at LONDON Speakers' Corner
Marble Arch, London Hyde Park, England and Sydney Speakers Domain Sydney Australia

Victor Zammit orating at Speakers' Corner Sydney

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Below is a talk given by Victor Zammit, human rights orator at Speakers' Corner in London - around 1972.

Victor: “I have seen too much injustice, oppression, violence, and deceit ... yes I have been involved in politics, religion and human rights and I have witnessed the mind-manipulators, those in authority who say they are your trusted friends, but who, underneath their facade of friendship are nothing but your bitter ENEMIES!

DON'T trust them. DON'T trust any of them. DON'T let them control YOUR mind! Don't ever let them take away your independence. Don't let anyone take away your fundamental rights, human rights, innate rights!

Basically, you want to search for the TRUTH. You want to discover for yourself the meaning of life, liberty and you want to pursue happiness in your own individual way. You have a right to think for yourself. You have a right to determine your beliefs, your future, your hopes, your aspirations.

And for complete LIBERATION OF THE MIND, never allow others to do the thinking for you. Never allow anyone to dominate your mind, body and your human spirit!

When I come to speak to my crowd here, I KNOW that I am free in what I say. I know that I can share my knowledge with you. I know that what I say will inevitably affect you.

But I NEVER say you must follow my ideas. I never say I have all the answers. I never say I want to change your beliefs and your ideas. I never do that. Your mind is your own! You are free to think for yourself! You are free to extend your knowledge, free to keep your beliefs!

But you are also free to ENRICH your beliefs!

And when you see the misery, the suffering and the brutality around the world, shed a silent tear for those who are victims of international political gangsterism, victims of military oppression, victims of ubiquitous insatiable greed!

Whilst we struggle to survive, deep down we know that ultimately we are the ones to seek and keep on seeking what is real, what is achievable, what is right for us!

I'll let you on a little secret: the UNIVERSE will support your every deeply felt desire!

Sometimes you see familiar things in a new light. Sometimes you may agree with what I have to say, sometimes not. But nobody tells me what to tell to you. Nobody bribes me to sell somebody else's propaganda. Nobody is ever in a position to buy my partiality. Nobody!

I do continuous research to find the truth. Since I was able to read I started my mission to discover the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth! I discovered information that was not available to me in my younger years ... I got to know about certain things which where deliberately kept from me. I traveled in many parts of the world to see for myself, to experience for myself and to discover for myself some of the answers to some of the vital mysteries of this world! Although I gained much wonderful knowledge and answers, the search goes on!

At present I am free to continue to seek the truth and nothing but the truth. And I share this truth with you ... because the TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE!

* * * * * * * * * *

Victor: Yes! This is the GREATEST weekly outdoor LIVE entertainment in the whole world!

Fundamentally, this is FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION!


This is the LIBERATION of your mind!

This is where you escape from the PRISON of your MIND!
Welcome all Christians ... Catholics, Protestants, Anglicans and other Christians, Judaists, and Hindus and Moslems and others ... Welcome all atheists, agnostics, skeptics and the 'I don't know' people ...

Religions! Especially the Christian religion is most important to discuss here. We know that Western morality, Western values, Western culture, the Western mind come directly out of the Judeo-Christian Bible!

In every Western country, from the United States to England, France, Italy Spain, Germany and all other Western countries and in Australia and New Zealind you will find deeply rooted in their tradition, culture and history are the inevitable Judeo Christian values. But are these values still functional?

To understand the Western mind you have to understand what is in the Bible!

Is what is in the Bible relevant to our present urgent needs?

Is the Bible the word of God or man?

Whilst to-day Christianity is in an inevitable and irretrievable decline, the Western mind is asking: can we continue to accept the Bible when it fundamentally conflicts with science, with common sense with what is real, urgent and immediate!

Questioner: Yes Mr Speaker, but Christianity has lasted for two thousand years and it will not go away very quickly ...!

Victor, jokingly: What you are talking about is what I call the greatest commercial venture in the history of mankind. I call Christianity the manufactured product of the Vatican Industries Propriety Limited which was founded by Emperor Constantine & Sons in the year 325 A.D. and which has been going on ever since then! (crowd response).

Profits are guaranteed! The volunteer workers ask people for donation, and part of the donations go to the company's headquarters. The company has been expanding and has branches are to be found in most countries around the world! The company's Chairman of the Board, the Pope, always declares a profit for the shareholders! The company made huge profits every year since year 325 after Jesus! (crowd response)

The real problem these days is that the company cannot find the volunteer workers so easily as it used to. And so many shareholders are leaving the company! (response)

Questioner: Tell us Mr Speaker ... why is it that this fantastic two thousand year guaranteed profit making business slipped out of the Jews' hands? response

Victor: Why don't you ask the Jews themselves?

Let's move on! Your ideas are most welcome!

Welcome all Jews and Arabs ... and others in between ... response

Welcome those theistic and atheistic existentialists ... those who are searching for TRUTH ... but are still at the permanently uncertain stage ... (laughter)

The Middle East Right revolutionaries are here ... trying to persuade the English Prime Minister and the American President to convert to Islam! ... (response)

Victor pictured below: mainstream media attending
The terrorists, fundamentalists, those who use dynamite to blow up aeroplanes and blow up ships and blow up buildings are NOT with us to day because ... Victor has enough explosive ORATORICAL material to blow up your minds with new ideas, new thinking, new ways to cope with your politics, with your government, with your friends and with yourselves and with your girlfriends and boyfriends - can't leave anybody out! (response)

You know it, I know it, most people around the world know it ... that Word War Three will not be against the Russians, or the Germans or against beings from outer space.

We are informed that Nostradamus the prophet predicts in his writings, the Quatrains, that if there will be a World War Three in our lifetime, it will be against the fundamentalists from the Middle East and that they may get military help from an unexpected source.

This frightfully chilling plausible prediction stated over four hundred years ago, gives a great deal of food for thought! This is because to-day, even the Western skeptical military experts are predicting EXACTLY the same thing without having read Nostradamus! I don't particularly believe in Nostradamus - but I accept evidence of the current circumstances!

The ultra left-wing dreamers are here and getting smaller in numbers all the time … (response)

The right wing Nazis, the Ultra Right Liberation Front are here ... some of them in their uniforms proudly showing off their swastikas ... to tell us that Hitler really was a nice fellow after all ... he was just misunderstood! (response) ... that racial purity is an immediate objective for a peaceful world ... "STOP THE YELLOW and the BLACK INVASION" they're screaming!
One of Victor's largest crowds
Last Sunday a Nazi heckler asked a very interesting question: why is it that Hitler gets the blame all the time for exterminating the Jews when that Christian leading reformist Martin Luther in 1543 urged the people and the state to burn and destroy all the Jewish homes and synagogues? That was a most intriguing question ...

Yes ... we also have the police here. We get uniformed police and plain clothes and national security police and all kinds of police. We even get local and foreign spies and spies from the Mossad!

Question: Why would local and foreign spies would want to come here Mr Speaker?

Victor: They want to have a good time too just like you on this beautiful warm Sunday afternoon! response

Many of the police I am informed are armed. But it's the female police I like best. Their generous natural undercover gives them the edge on those flat chested macho male police who are always so itchy to lock up some of Victor's occasional noisy hecklers .. (response)

Look to your left, look to your right, to your front and back, because you are likely to be sitting on the grass or standing next to a tough policeman or woman who will not take any nonsense from you if you cannot control your emotions!

Here at my meetings, you use your brain, you use your mind, you use your intelligence!

I NEVER say you have to agree with me!

I am never dogmatic about what I tell you. Never!

I ALWAYS do my research. I ALWAYS cite my sources. I ALWAYS give everyone here the right to disagree with me !

But I hate violence. I hate aggression. I abhor bullying by anyone ... and the police always make sure that Victor's meetings are always peaceful!

The police NEVER hesitated to remove any noisy, unruly heckler from Victor's meeting!

And these police officers will put any unruly noisy heckler in a cell very quickly, where some twenty stone female cop will accidentally fall on this heckler in the cell - purely by accident of course ...(response)...

Before I come here I always do my research! I do research for university tutorials, for university projects, essays and lectures! That is why for many years there has never been anyone who was able to show you that I was wrong in my facts, NEVER!

Yes, this IS the Speakers' Corner!

My name is Victor.

I am a HUMAN RIGHTS campaigner.

I am not a left winger; I am not a right winger.

I am centrist.

For most people I am a RADICAL centrist. response

Interjector: What's that Mr. Speaker?

Victor: Radical centrism, friend, is REASONABLENESS taken to an EXTREME ... laughter

Too much terrorism, socialism, communism or fascism will give you political rheumatism ... laughter

At Speakers' Corner I discuss, debate and speak about many relevant political, social, economic, environmental burning issues.

Questions we ask include: who is behind world terrorism? Why are world leaders telling us that religion is on the decline? Who will lead us during the twenty-first century with guaranteed optimism? Which political system is continuing to evolve and which political systems will inevitably go into decline and disappear altogether? Will the New Age bring the good news it predicts? Will we eventually triumph against all aggression, against all oppression and against all terrorism?

Questioner: Here Victor, tell us, do you like capitalism?

Victor: ... Yes, I like CAPITALISM ...

(jokingly) Capitalism gives you FREEDOM; it gives you LIFE; gives you HAPPINESS; gives you sunshine and love and ... (jokingly) capitalism makes people rich ... makes you rich ... filthy rich ...

AND WE LIKE IT! response

Of course, history has shown that extreme capitalism - by way of imperialism nations have raided weaker nations, exploited their resources, exploited their natural resources, exploited their wealth and dug up the diamonds, the gold, the minerals and took back to the mother country.

Many of the big countries did that: Spain, Portugal, England, France, Germany, Italy, Russia and Japan.

No wonder some of the indigenes - the local natives - around the world tell us to day, "When they came we had the land and they had the Bible. Now we have the Bible and they have the land."

As a committed left wing socialist in I970 I went to communist Russia for a visit ... on a package tour from London where I got a ten per cent discount for being a student ...laughter

I came out almost as a RIGHT WING capitalist bourgeois ... laughter ... only kidding ....

Interjector: What's bourgeois Mister Victor?

Victor, jokingly: Those people who eat more than they can chew! ... No, no, it is a term the founder of communism Marx ... Groucho - no no no, Karl ... Karl Marx ... response

... who used to describe people who were not workers, were the leisured exploiting middle class - but forget it, they don't exist anymore!

Victor (ironic voice) In my sad revolutionary days, I had holes in my socks and shoes ... I wore cheap ex-army underwear ... I wore ten year old fifty cent ex-army shirts and I preached and waited for the revolution ... and ... today I wear fifty dollar purple silk underpants and two hundred dollar blue shirts ... I eat in expensive restaurants ... I 'exploit' the workers and preach peace, love, truth and the pursuit of happiness.

... AND I LIKE IT …laughter .... Only kidding of course!!!!!

Interjector: How can you afford fifty dollar purple silk underwear .. you're only a student ...

Victor: These silk underpants are given to me as present from a high class sexy Duchess I know here, just around the corner... response ...

Heckler: with a red flag: When the revolution comes we'll SHOOT you Victor. We'll execute bastards like you ...

Victor: You too have a nice day comrade ... you are so NICE to Victor to-day ... response

Waiting for the revolution is like waiting for Godot. Be useful and go plant a tree somewhere ... the dogs will love you for it. laughter

Or go water the perfumed roses - you'll offset the stench you carry with you ... response

: I'll make sure you'll be the first reactionary to be EXECUTED by the firing squad ... response

Victor: Flattery will get you nowhere. Why the rough stuff? Cheer up ... you look just as HAPPY as a huge male monkey who's trying to mate with a little chihuahua ... response

Why don't you save your words for a brainy day ... which in your case comes once a year ... on your birthday ... at night time. response
Vietnam war days brought big crowds for Victor.
Get back into your jam-jar you quarter-witted Trotskyist ... response

Victor: (To the crowd): Don't take him seriously. He's at university studying fantastically hard to be a real GENUINE IDIOT ... and he's passing with distinctions ... response

His degree major is IDIOCY ... response

Okay, okay ... let's be democratic ...

Let's see ... out of a crowd of two thousand highly intelligent people ... response

Three ... the Three Stooges put their hands up ... SHOOT these clowns for advocating violence! loud response...

In the United States, in Australia, in England, in the Western World, France, Germany, you have the HIGHEST STANDARD OF LIVING in the world. A situation brought about WITHOUT the horror of a bloody revolution, WITHOUT systematic EXECUTION of the 'enemies', WITHOUT permanent violations of HUMAN RIGHTS.

The Western high standard of living is directly related to the human initiative, the human endeavor because of INCENTIVE MOTIVATION.

Because of maximum efficiency!

Because of the human spirit for FREEDOM TO INNOVATE, to CREATE, to BUILD EMPIRES without restrictions, with or without big brother watching you.

You are living in a country which is experiencing the highest standard of living in the HISTORY OF MANKIND!

A country which offers you a system of alternatives. An imperfect system but a society of ALTERNATIVES is the ULTIMATE society!

Real choice of alternatives means supreme FREEDOM.


You NEVER had it so good!

Ist heckler: What about the poor pensioners?
2nd heckler: What about the blacks?
3rd heckler: Are you forgetting the ten per cent poor Victor?
4th heckler: What bout us the tenants?

Victor: OK, OK, OK, one genius at a time ... response
First ... there are no pensioners in communist Cuba ... (humorously) ... the comrades there die of communisteosis before they reach old age. response

I saw so much POVERTY and SCARCITY of goods when I was in communist Russia in 1973 that you'd be disgusted with the Marxist revolution! Even the beautiful Russian people there told me that the system can't last very long ... it's not the people ... it's the economic, policitcal system that took the wrong turn in 1917 in Russia!

Yes, In Russia ... as I walked towards the Winterpalace where it all happened, the place of the First Red revolution, I saw the sad, sorrowful faces of the children of the revolution ... sad faces in a land torn between promises, hopes and reality! response

* * * * * * * * * *

Heckler: What about us the tenants ... we get kicked out all the time ...

Victor: If you get kicked out it means you are violating the agreement with the landlord. And NOBODY can kick you out UNLESS there is a court order, unless the court is satisfied that you are making no effort at all to fulfil YOUR part of the lease. Besides, there are tough laws in this country to protect tenants' rights, very rigid.

Heckler: Hey Victor, who said you can't complain in a socialist country ... that's anti-communist propaganda.

Victor: Is it not reasonable to use comparative political and social analysis?

Here and in every civilized contemporary Western market economy capitalist country you have the RIGHT to CRITICISE, you have fundamental FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, FREEDOM of ASSEMBLY, FREEDOM of PROCESSION, the RIGHT to PRIVACY, to the DUE PROCESS of law, of FREEDOM to PUBLISH, FREEDOM to disseminate your ideas WITHOUT fear of being executed.

In your case (pointing to the heckler) you have every right to be stupid ... as you're being now. response

TWO HECKLERS: Bullshit. Bullshit.
(in close succession)

Victor (to the two hecklers): You're the bull ... and where's the other one ... and you're the shit ... response ... aahhh forget it comrades ... you're not worth it.

You don't have a Speakers' Corner in China or Cuba!

You don't have constitutional democratic political pluralism!

You DON'T have freedom ...

You have the DICTATORSHIP of the bureaucracy OVER the proletariat. That means you have a system of ONE alternative.



The Mickey Mouse Marxist socialism as it is being practiced today is nothing but POLITICAL GANGSTERISM being projected to the world as genuine political socialist 'Marxism'. Those 'communist' leaders in charge of those communist countries are NOT real Marxists, not real socialists!

Because genuine Marxism may be intellectually very satisfying, but it does NOT and can NEVER exist!

Heckler: Why is that?

Victor: Why's that? Because the HUMAN CONDITION is left out of the equation, that's why!

... The recent history of communist national leaders especially in Eastern Europe and Russia is horrific, ugly and was full of terror! To me those communist leaders in communist Eastsern European countries were like that American GANGSTER Al Capone in a military uniform in charge of a political party and the government!

These political uniformed GANGSTERS butchered so many millions of innocent people and have sent so many to jail to be tortured and to rot in horrific conditions ... if these so called Marxists were genuine, if these communist leaders were NOT gangsters, they would have shown decency in conduct, they would have shown compassion, understanding, tolerance and allowed for the DEMOCRATIC processes!

Have a look at every country which had communism ... Stalin in Russia butchered over 40 million people and sent countless others to jail. All Eastern European communist countries had huge problems - Hungary, Czechoslovakia and others the people and their leaders who would not toe the Stalinist line experienced communist annihilation! In Cuba we get reports of the brutality of the communist regime. In China we get reports how the communists deal with anyone who tries to introduce democracy, the will of the people, there.

I'm convinced that the reincarnation of Karl Marx was GROUCHO MARX laughter

Who else could have transformed the Communist Manifesto into the Communist Fiasco. laughter

New arrival of three known aggressive communist bullies.

Ist heckler: (Very aggressively and threateningly).
Git down from down there you fascist capitalist pig!

Victor:, aggressively: Listen you mental midgets, when I want your opinion I'll RATTLE THE CAGE YOU'RE IN. laughter

(angrily) Ist heckler: Oh yeah! Don't you be smart with us you right wing pig!

Victor: Look at them, they're like the Three Stooges ... they'll soon be arrested for trying to IMPERSONATE human beings! laughter

Throw these communist MONKEYS a banana!

2nd Heckler: You know what'll happen to fascists like you.

Victor: Ooh! .... the MONKEY TALKS! laughter

3rd heckler: Yeah. Before you open your trap my fascist friend, I'll have you know I went to university. Tell him Don!

Victor: Why, yes ... PROFESSOR!!
(to the crowd) He's a professor - not of philosophy, or pharmacy but of phartology! laughter ...

He went through university on a bicycle! laughter

Ist heckler: Ah bullshit. You'd better watch what you say ... or else

Victor: Or else what, DONALD DUCK? laughter

You really look choked comrade... you look like you need some fresh air ... why don't you blow your brains out for ventilation, Curly?

Ist heckler
: You're all baloney ...

Victor: Well, I hope you can digest my baloney ... you may give birth to an idea! response

If that fails Curly, stick a suppository in your brain ... something will come out ... something ought to come out ... something may come out ... something SHOULD come out.

And if something does come out Curly, then pull your left ear and you've flushed the toilet. response

And after that put each hand near each ear and APPLAUD LOUDLY: we'll all hear a blown-up paper bag burst ... just like a fire cracker! much laughter

Hey Curly, you want to lose fifteen pounds of UGLY fat? ... CHOP YOUR HEAD OFF! laughter

But I like you Curly, even though you're a MENTALLY DEAD MARXIST SOCIALIST, I really like you ... people say I have DISGUSTINGLY BAD TASTE, BUT I LIKE YOU! laughter

Ist heckler: Like all Fascists you have no intelligence ...

Victor: Of course I was in intelligence ... I was an INTELLIGENCE OFFICER for the Salvation Army ... much laughter

Ist heckler: No, no, no, that's not what I said ... I said like all fascists you have no intelligence ... response

Victor: Yes, yes, yes, I know what you said ... that unlike fascists I have high intelligence ... response

(Ist heckler approaches speaker menacingly and grabs hold of the speaker's stand).

Victor: Hands off my stand commie heckler. Holding your hand on my stand constitutes technical assault punishable by a fine or jail or both! I have police officers in my crowd they're itching to get you to the police station for them to try out their new automatic truncheons on you! loud response

Get your hands off at once ... or else I'll tell the sergeant here to charge you with technical assault and battery ... you'll find yourself in the police station where the police force - the best and most efficient police force in the world- the best police force money can buy ... laughter - will get one of their twenty stone cops to ACCIDENTALLY fall on you ... you'll be FLATTENED like a STUFFED butterfly in a glass case. laughter

These police officers will get you ... where is he ... oh there you are .. yes, this six foot six tough police officer will get you noisy little commie heckler in the cell ... then he's make you take a shower ... and will make you pick up the soap while you're under the shower ... and then booooommmm ... much laughter ...

Remember, that by law I do have a FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT TO SPEAK HERE and anyone who tries to disrupt the meeting will find himself in court to-morrow. If the police inform the court that you tried to disrupt a human rights meeting ... he'll send you to the gallows ... laughter

Interjector: What? Just for disrupting your meeting? laughter

Victor: The law works in mysterious ways ... laughter

Ist heckler: I heckle because you've got no brains ...

Victor: And YOUR BRAIN comrade, is situated directly between your ANAL ORIFICE and your BELLY BUTTON ... whereas ... YOUR bowels are situated dead centre between YOUR dirty ears! bursts of laughter

2nd heckler: We are not going until you tell this crowd the truth about communism ...

Victor: Listen very, very carefully ... I treated my RESONANCE with SPECIAL CHEMICALS ... if you try to use VIOLENCE I will shout 'FALL' ... and your TINY penises will FALL OFF ... like AUTUMN LEAVES ... much laughter

This third Mickey Mouse socialist forgot to pick up his BRAINS from the drycleaners yesterday response ...

Ist heckler: Oh you think socialists have no brains? There are hundreds of brilliant academics who are socialists ... why don't you tell them about Marcuse ... the greatest most brilliant Marxist socialist academic alive to-day.

Victor: You don't believe that nonsense Marcuse said ... If the truth be known he's a member of the CIA or the FBI who has successfully penetrated the Marxist socialist movement in America and is misleading every commie there and you over here! response

But you are confusing the labels ... mixing democratic socialists with Marxists and with communists and with everything else.

Ist heckler: They're ALL socialists ...

Victor: WRONG. They're vastly different.

Oh the police have arrived ... hello sergeant, I was telling the crowd what a wonderful police force we have here ... response

.... roughed up any commies lately? If you stick around I've got a couple of real beauts for you! response

The three socialists leave the meeting

Interjector: Could you define socialism?

Victor: Fundamentally, there are TWO major brands of active socialism to-day.

Marxist socialism and Fabian (democratic) socialism.

In Marxist socialist countries like China and Cuba, Marxist socialism is said to be complete. The state owns, controls and distributes all production. You will not find free enterprise, individual capitalism, private ownership of land and respect for human rights.

You will find the ONE party system, planned economics on Marxist lines.

No person in these Marxist socialist countries will be allowed to criticize the state or the bureaucracy.

The record shows that in these communist countries, the exercise of human rights is totally non-existent.

The Marxist socialist leaders such as, Russian and Chinese leaders, do NOT regard democratic Fabian socialism such as you have in England and Australia as TRUE socialism.

OF COURSE THIS IS THE THEORY. In practice it is most questionable whether any of these leaders are doing anything to honor Marxist thought.

True democracy, Marx said, is when the people have the ultimate political power and where it is certainly NOT in the hands of AL CAPONE type political gangster DICTATORS as we have with these leaders.

Fabian socialism, usually associated with the Labour Party of the Western world, is the partial ownership and control of the means of production.

In the Western Labour democratic socialist countries you will usually find respect for human rights. Of course, the poor always get the worst deal in any society ... the one issue in Western constitutional democracies is that you can always lobby for legal aid, or complain in the media, or see your local member of parliament.

Generally, the more noise you make the better the chances of some form of a remedy. The legal process is very expensive ... but legal aid in cases of blatant violation of human rights is usually accessible.

But always remember that the Marxist socialists hate the Fabian socialists. They regard democratic socialism as piecemeal attempt, band-aid, wishy-washy socialism!

Marxist socialists advocate REVOLUTION!

Democratic socialists advocate REFORMISM!

But Marxists say that REFORMISM is inconsistent with REVOLUTION!

Reformism, Marxists say, the patching-up of the system, prolongs the 'inevitable' coming of the revolution.

All Marxist-socialists believe in Lenin's pre-conditions for revolution: in a society there will have to be prolonged economic chaos, the breaking of the people's spirit and loss of belief in any other alternative; the DISHARMONY, DISCORD, CONFUSION, the continuous struggle for the discrediting of capitalist governments; the infiltration of unions to launch continuous strikes, to weaken all communication systems.

If these conditions do not exist then Marxist socialists will pour money into democratic societies to bring about these crisis conditions.

The dramatic claim is that only 6% population support is needed for a Marxist victory.

You will understand now that communist socialists do NOT want a LABOUR government to improve conditions because inevitably reformism will prolong the coming of the 'last stage of man' brought about VIOLENTLY with the ABSOLUTE brutality of a Marxist revolution ... as happened in China, Russia and in all 'Marxist' countries.

But since socialism has been totally discredited internationally, many of the traditional Western Labour socialist policies are being watered down.

In fact, as economics is becoming more objective, both parties are adopting very similar economic policies. The socialists are usually concerned with social benefits and handouts whereas the conservatives are more concerned with productivity.

It is easy to predict that within a matter of decades socialist-Marxism-communism will wither away completely.

Socialist-communism as is practiced in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe and elsewhere is one of the greatest political economic experiments which is miserably failing!

Judging by results, its credibility has already been irretrievably shattered, destroyed and devastated!

Those millions of innocent people who became the sacrificial lambs because of socialist-communism are themselves the legacy of slaughter which the world will never forget.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Victor Zammit: vz@victorzammit.com

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